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Bon Iver - Perth

the rules of attraction, a movie about a bunch of shallow privileged college kids, their screwed up existence, an awkward love triangle and the wild shenanigans they get themselves into— throw some drugs, teen angst, sex, rape, suicide and an extremely psychically attractive cast (credit mostly goes to shannyn sossamon and ian somerhalder) into the mix and youve got the rules of attraction; about ten minutes in i wanted to stop watching it, but the cinematic quality kept reeling me in. roger avary translated this novel into film quite well, by the end of the movie it made me feel exactly as the characters felt— numb. apathetic.

this is a hard movie to recommend, surely not for the light of heart. but if you’re looking to be challenged mentally, made uncomfortable or exposed to something raw and not sugar coated, watch this.

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